Cara Griffin At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Cara Griffin – Director

Cara Griffin is a Belly Dance and Cuban Dance Artist, Choreographer and Instructress.

Since 1998 Cara has delved deeply into the studies of dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Brazil, Cuba and Spain.

Cara is a celebrated soloist. Her performances are passionate, engaging, dynamic and unique. She has performed both Overseas and right around Australia, particularly noted for her Classical, Sword Dance and Flamenco Fusion performances. Cara is one of only a handful of full time professional dancers in Queensland. With over 20 years of teaching experience and a teaching style that is warm and inclusive focusing on technique, strength and flexibility while learning to remain in the moment. Her classes are grounded in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Cuban Salsa however she is fluent in a range of traditional and modern styles. She enjoys mentoring new teachers and performers to find their own way forward to work professionally in the dance industry.

Belly Dance Style At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Cara Griffin
Teaches Belly Dance/Raqs Sharqi, Cuban Dance (Salsa, Rueda de Casino)

Cara’s dances are both traditional and contemporary in nature. Honouring the roots of each dance while not being afraid to push the boundaries to create works of art in the true spirit of fusion. She has trained and performed alongside prominent dance and music artists throughout Australia, having choreographed for both stage and screen in various projects. Each choreography she creates is lush, delves deeply into the connection in ones self and with other dancers and has a spiritual essence behind the movements.

In 2019 she became the Director of Movimiento. A Latin Dance school teaching Cuban Dance, Bachata and Kizomba. Over this time she has dedicated herself particularly to teaching Afro-Cuban Traditional Dance, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino and Timba. In 2020 she was honoured to be awarded a silver medal for the creative arts industry in the Ausmumprenuer Awards. She has since gone on to amalgamate Movimiento and the Belly Dance Collective under one banner. Global Dance Collective.

Her passion is teaching. To share the absolute joy and transformational opportunity that dance can bring. She believes it has the power to help people feel good in their own body, to find community and to provide opportunities to grow. Whether it’s teaching at a large festival or a private class for a complete beginner, she knows this is exactly what she was put on this earth to do. Get people back into their bodies and into the rhythm.

Jordan Galliott At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Jordan Galliott
Teaches Belly Dance/Raqs Sharqi, Trans National Fusion

Jordan is a Belly Dance artist based in Townsville, North Queensland. She has studied Raqs Sharqi, Transnational Fusion, group improvisation Belly Dance formats as well as commencing a degree in contemporary dance at Central Queensland University. Her teachers being Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Cara Griffin and the incredible Dancenorth. As well as many a workshop and class with formidably vibrant and exciting teachers.

Jordan has had the privilege of performing and studying both interstate and abroad. She has had the pleasure of collaborating on projects and performances with the Belly Dance Collective, The Blades Edge, Alex Salvador, Circus Alabanza, Kallidad, Masha’s Legacy and Bengras. She currently works for the Global Dance Collective and Dancenorth Australia’s Community Experience team. As a performer she likes to find a sense of warmth and ease in movement to help bring an audience along for the ride that is entertaining, fun and somewhat relaxing. As a teacher she wants to see everybody on this planet and wiggling their perfect bums.

Bachata Dance Style At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Alfonso Ruiz
Teaches Bachata

Alfonso has been a highly sought after Bachata teacher in Townsville for over 3 years. A integral part of the Movimiento teaching team, he has studied both interstate and abroad with the giants of the Bachata dance scene. He has been apart of many high profile dance events both performing and as a assistant during classes and production. Hailing originally from Spain, he has a fun and unique perspective in his teaching style. He ensures that all students feel supported on their dance journey and loves to introduce the magic of Bachata Dance to his students.

Rod Budd Teaching Cuban Salsa Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Roderick Budd
Teaches Cuban Salsa

Rod’s fun, fresh teaching style has quickly made him a favourite among dance teachers in Townsville. His passion is Salsa dance and he has trained, studied and completed tuition under some of the best dancers in the country. He has performed on the stages of some of the best Dance Festivals in Queensland. He feels that imparting not only the dance technique but strong foundations in musicality and cultural knowledge is the strongest way to build good dancers and community development. He is so excited for the development of the Global Dance Collective and we are delighted to have him on board.

Kizomba Dance Style At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Ryan Destéfani
Teaches Kizomba

Ryan has a passion for Kizomba! This dance is quickly taking the world by storm, and we are so delighted to have a talented teacher like Ryan on our team to share his experience in this dance. Ryan has studied both interstate and overseas in this dance form. He regularly attends large scale festivals to hone his skills and learn from the best in the Kizomba world. he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and his experience of this dance style with his students.

Emma Lea At Global Dance Collective, Townsville

Emma-Lea Coppola
Teaches Trans National Fusion

Emma-Lea began bellydancing in 2015 and has had an undeniable love ever since. Training with the Belly Dance Collective and Jordan Galliott she quickly found her feet and thirsted for more. In 2019 she travelled to Portland in the United Sates to study with the only and only Rachel Brice where she completed her Phase 1 Initiation in the 8 Elements Training. She is delighted to join the Global Dance Collective team where she will be sharing her love for Trans National Fusion.

Amelia Fisher
Teaches Ballet, Mat Flexibility and Conditioning

Amelia quickly fell into our dance family after relocating to Townsville from Brisbane. Having danced since the age of three she has studied classical and commercial dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Street and more. She studied Ballet for over fifteen years culminating in a completion of grade 12 part time with Queensland Ballet. She has had various solo and principal roles with the Ballet Theatre of Queensland from 2012 – 2015. She performed with Queensland Ballet during their 2015 season of the Nutcracker at QPAC. She also had the pleasure of performing with the Victorian State Ballet during their 2016 season travelling throughout Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. After recovering from a major injury she turned her sights onto the Latin dance scene where she studied with Planet Ballroom in Brisbane. Since relocating to Townsville she has fallen in love with street Latin. In particular Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk. She feels that her time with Movimiento has been transformational not just in her dancing but her life. She is so happy to be on the teaching team for the Global Dance Collective and can’t wait to share all of her dance knowledge with her students.

May Morisco Teacher of Vintage cuban Dance In Townsville

May Morisco
Teaches Vintage Cuban Dance

If May had one wish it would be to step back in time and onto the set of MGM (or more closely it’s costume department). May is the QUEEN of Vintage dance. More specifically Vintage CUBAN Dance. She loves to immerse herself in the dances of the 1920’s – 60’s. Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Son all dances which bring the romantic nostalgia of a by gone era. May loves to teach her students gorgeous choreographies and help adorn them in costumes to make them feel sensational!

Peter Roth Teaching Tango In Townsville For Global Dance Collective

Peter Roth
Teaches Tango

Peter has been a rock of the Townsville Tango community for well over a decade. He brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and passion for the dance. His extensive background of dance includes competition Ballroom, Rock and Roll, Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and many more. But his love is TANGO! He believes that the spontaneous nature of the dance, the connection and the ability to be in the moment is unlike anything else you can experience.

Support Teachers

Natasha Enright, Kathryn Meehan & Lyn Warren

Our Founding Members

Nicole Robinson (Nicolette’s Palace), Bernadette Ashley (Movimiento) and Danny Cuda (La Fiesta). Thank you for paving the way so we can experience everything that lies before us.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”

Isaac Newton