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Private Classes

looking for some private dance lessons for your upcoming Wedding? Maybe your looking to super speed your progress in class? Or prefer more one on one personalised training! No matter the circumstances we can cater a private dance class, in all styles, to suit your needs. Contact us about our prices and multiple class discounts!

Frequently Asked Student Questions

What Should I Wear To Belly Dance Classes?2021-09-10T10:18:56+10:00

Something comfortable! Loose pants, t-shirt, dance pants, leggings, shorts, fitted tank top, singlet, leotard- whatever takes your fancy! Please do not wear jeans or long skirts as your teacher needs to be able to see your movement to ensure correct technique.

Footwear: Generally bare feet is fine, although some students like to wear ballet flats, jazz shoes, jiffies or socks to cover the feet. Sneakers are not appropriate as they will limit dance movement.

Hips: Some students like to wear a hip scarf (scarf with coins attatched) around their hips to class. This is completely optional and up to the individual but they are available to purchase from class if they take your fancy.

What Should I Wear To Partnered Dance Classes?2021-09-10T09:55:09+10:00

Just wear something loose and comfortable and wear shoes that are closed in and not too grippy. For those attending our sessions at the Heritage Exchange please wear neat, casual clothing suitable for going out

What Do I Need To Bring To Classes?2021-09-10T09:56:11+10:00

Water and a towel is advised

Do I Need To Bring A Partner To Partnered Dance Classes?2021-09-10T09:59:04+10:00

Absolutely not. Most students come alone and dance with the students that attend class

What If I’m Really Uncoordinated?2021-09-10T10:00:02+10:00

That’s what you come to dance classes for right?!! Our instructors are incredibly patient, kind and will attend to your learning and concerns with care. Our community is also very supportive and will be very welcoming.

How Do I Enrol?2021-09-10T10:20:53+10:00

Cara likes to chat to students directly before they enrol either by phone or email. Once initial contact has been made, you will be sent an enrolment form to fill out. Once you are accepted, you can attend classes on a casual or term course basis.


Will I Have To Perform In Front Of People?2021-09-10T10:21:32+10:00

Not if you prefer not too. Some of our courses and classes work toward a final student performance which you will be invited to take part in should you choose


What Is The Price Of Dance Class?2021-09-10T10:07:35+10:00

Prices vary between the types of classes we offer. Please contact us if you would like to find out specific prices for the class you are interested in.


Covid 19 Restrictions2021-09-10T10:24:26+10:00

Like all other business premises we are subject to local and state Covid 19 restrictions. Our studio complies with Covid Safe practices. Restrictions may apply in our current circumstances, please check the timetable for cancellation or our facebook page for up to date information and email or ring us if you are unsure.


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