Hi, my name is Jordan I’m a Belly Dance instructor with the Global Dance Collective, based in Townsville and I really love dancing.

Not only do I love it, but I believe in it. In the good it can do and its essential job of making the body a part of mind and part of storytelling. So here are four of my favourite things about dancing:

  1. You can’t get it wrong. It is your skeleton, your meat and electricity and enthusiasm and so how can you really stuff up swinging that around a room?
  2. It feels incredible. Particularly on the days when you hit that sweet spot between I-don’t-give-a-fig and wow-am-I-a-bird-? It sets my endocrine and nervous systems on fire and leaves me with a post-boogie buzz.
  3. It’s language. As a relatively awkward creature, communicating to others through dance really takes a load off the social proverbial.
  4. It improves your brain. Dancing improves your memory, your ability to learn other, unrelated new skills and staves off dementia. If like me, your brain is a pretty important part of you, then perhaps a little preservation dancing is on the cards for you.

So those are some things I like about dance and I would love to hear four things you love about dance, or things you don’t like about dance or things that stop you from hitting a wedding at a dancefloor.

Leave a comment or send an email if you would like to share!