Answering our most asked question…… am I too old to dance?

In my experience some of the best dancers I have encountered have found dancing at a later stage in life. These encounters are often after seeking a new experience or wanting to encourage more movement and joy in every day life. Older students often come with a more relaxed mind set and less inhibition. This in turn makes for better retention and more likely hood to take what has been learned in class and put it into practice at home.

We also get asked, ‘I don’t move much, is this going to be difficult’ or ‘i’m really un coordinated’. Coming to dance after a long period of sedentary lifestyle can be scary however if you let it dance can provide huge benefits for the students. Improving posture, co ordination, cardio and overall wellness. To add to that a study undertaken a Deakin University in which 1,000 people participated reported that those who undertook dancing reported feeling happier, had more daily satisfaction and functioned better in relationships. In my experience the mental benefits of dance can actually have the most transformational change in a students life.

To answer the biggest statement we get, ‘i’m uncoordinated, would you be able to teach me?’. I honestly believe if you can walk you can dance. In every instance i’ve seen, if you have the determination and commit to regular practice both at class and at home, you will be able to dance! Like all skills, it takes time. I often like to remind my students, even Bruce Lee was once a beginner! We have all started somewhere. The most important thing was……… we never gave up! That’s the only thing standing between a beginner and an advanced student. To add to that our instructors are incredibly patient and kind. We will always attend to your learning and concerns with care. We also ensure you are only ever in a class that is at your level with other students who are undertaking the same tuition.

So what are you waiting for? The wide world of dance awaits you. Joy, connection, movement, friendship and good times await. It’s just up to you to take the plunge and be apart of it.

Can’t wait to see you in class in Townsville, QLD!! Cara

p.s DID YOU KNOW…….. that Eileen Kramer is Australia’s ‘most established’ dancer!! At 104 she has banned the word ‘old’ and is highly sought after for her performance skills and choreographies.